Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello, my friend, Hello.

 For those of you who just started singing the song, either out loud or in your head,  100 bonus points!   (The bonus points aren't really good for anything, but didn't you just give yourself a little mental pat on the back and a big "Bonus points!?!  Yay, Me!"?)

So....  My husband tells me that because it's been 8 months since I last posted on this blog, I can't really call myself a blogger.  In response, I say that in a court of law I believe I could successfully argue that it's only been 7 3/4 months.  Therefore, my resume will continue to say "blogger".  (Who am I kidding??  I don't have a resume.) 

I guess a lot has happened in the past 8 months 7 3/4 months.  Mostly, the mundane, everyday stress-inducing responsibilities of life that seem to get in the way of all the fun stuff  (you know, increased work hours, increased household clutter and chaos, increased dirty laundry, decreased energy -- and please tell me, where is my house elf?).  And just like with everyone else, there have also been some overwhelming major things that have happened (serious illnesses amid unexpected life detours).  Some things that make you want to say, "Was this hidden in the fine print?  I don't believe I  signed up for this!"   I guess that you could say that life has continued these past 7 3/4 months even without any blog postings from me. 

So, my creativity has not been quite up to par recently...  Although, I have practiced some creativity with my finances - just the other day I asked the Discover Card guy if I could pay my bill with my MasterCard.    While my own creativity has obviously been suffering, I have been copying getting inspired by other blogs.  Here are a few things I copied made within the past month or so....

I saw this blog post several months ago and knew that I had to make one for Sarah.  She has been obsessed with foxes for quite a while.  

I think it turned out pretty cute.  


A word of advice from my own experience, before you proudly admire how securely and perfectly you have sewn the legs onto the fox, verify that you have secured the legs to the proper side of the fox.  And, by that I mean, make sure you put the legs on the right side of the fabric.  

The front legs of the fox looked great!  Then I realized that my sly fox appeared to have eaten his own hind legs.  Silly fox!  And I thought I was doing so well!    So, my handy-dandy seam ripper was put to good use.  When I was all done, all of the fox's appendages were attached properly.  

To say Sarah is a Harry Potter fan is an extreme understatement.  She is absolutely a fanatical freak!  So, when I saw this, I HAD to make it.  I also made one for my niece who is only slightly less freakishly fanatical about Hogwarts.  (Love ya, J!..... You freak!)

If you do not know what this is, minus 1,000 house points!

I also made this frog hat for my Mother-in-law. 

Ribbit!  Ribbit!
Aren't they both SO cute!?!

My sister gave me a bunch of these cute jars.  I think they are very cute with their red and white gingham lid.  I used a few to hold buttons and beads in my sewing room.  

I found inspiration here for the other jars she gave me (did I mention she gave me a bunch of them?).  This is what I came up with.  I think they are really cute!  

Well, like I said, I haven't done all that much in 8 months  7 3/4 months. My New Year's Resolution (it's not too late to make one of those, is it?) is to do more creative stuff and make more posts. So, if all goes well, many more interesting things will be up here soon!