About Us

Welcome to Crazy Curls Girls blog! We are so happy you have found us here.

The Crazy Curls Girls are a mother / daughter team. Guess what... we have curly hair. I mean CRAZY CURLY hair! (and we are a little crazy too.)

We enjoy all kinds of crafting: sewing, crocheting, painting, decoupaging, and hot glueing absolutely anything! just to name a few. Sarah is an extremely talented knitter (Kelly has a new year's resolution to actually learn how to knit. Wish me luck with that!).

Sarah is currently away from home in Washington, DC, attending school, so she is limited in the types of projects she can attempt. For Kelly, the possibilities are limitless!!

We hope to share many of our projects with you on this blog - our great successes and our utter failures (yes, we all fail occasionally). Some of our craft endeavors are completely silly and dorky (those are sometimes the best!) and some are artistically beautiful.

Whatever your crafting style, we hope you use our projects as inspiration for your own craftiness! Make it funky! Make it beautiful! Make it you! Just Make Something!

We would love to hear from you. Give us feedback. Share your projects.

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