Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our House Guest

We had a house guest this week.  He is so polite and well mannered and CUTE!  (The being cute part is what saves him and makes us keep him!)

My sister and her family went out of town for the long weekend and needed us to watch their dog, Scooby.

We love Scooby!  He is super well behaved and listens and obeys.  It's really incredible how well he behaves for us (we're not his masters, you know). 

He likes to sit at the front window and watch what is going on outside.  

He loves it when we play with him in the backyard.  

He tries to make himself comfy on my couch when we aren't looking.   We have blankets and pillows piled up on the furniture to discourage him from getting up there. 

He also tries to sleep on my bed.

He has to be right where I am at all times.  
Scooby, I'm trying to type here!!!
He has to go potty at 3 in the morning.  Again, good thing he's so cute! 

Due to a little car trouble on Friday, Scooby was locked inside the house alone for 11 hours.  He is such a good boy - he didn't have an accident!!  Yay, Scooby!! 
This is NOT my idea of a fun time!
My sister keeps telling us we need to get a dog.  We have decided that we are too old and out-of-shape to own a dog!  We take Scooby out in the backyard and play with him for about 10 minutes, then we have to come in and rest for about 20 minutes.  I don't think we are cut out to be dog owners! 

We do enjoy having Scooby come and visit for a few days at a time, although, as the saying goes, "Fish and house guests stink after 3 days"........  It's true!!  

On day 3, Scooby was playing in the backyard.  He decided to roll around in the grass and actually rolled in....  well.....  uummmm.....  How do I put this nicely?....   well,  he rolled in his own poop.  There, I said it.  It's not nice.  As a matter of fact, It's GROSS!!  And now he totally stinks!!

And, on top of that, I have now had to put up with my husband singing his own version of Adele's song "Rolling in the deep".  

His lyrics change each time, but usually ends with "rolling in the poo-oo-oop, Scoob, you now stin-ink!" That song is now ruined forever for me!  

Scooby has returned home to his family .....  

fortunately, the smell is gone......   

but, unfortunately, the singing continues...... 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Did you have a Happy Valentine's Week?

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's week!  Yes, at my house this year, we didn't just celebrate Valentine's DAY, we celebrated Valentine's WEEK.  In all honesty, our celebration lasted for more than 1 day only because I couldn't seem to get my act together.

I thought I would start out the week strong with a homemade dinner (by the end of the week it was frozen pizza).  So, on Monday, it was lasagna for dinner.  I didn't take a photo, but it was beautiful... and delicious!  For dessert, I made cherry pie.  I did take a photo of the pie - It was also delicious, although it was far from beautiful! 

My husband doesn't care much for cherry pie, so I called over my cherry-pie-loving-friend to enjoy some cherry pie.  The best part was the sugar-covered top crust. For Valentine's Day, I cut a heart in the middle of the crust before it totally fell apart on me. 

It tasted much better than it looks!

Later in the week, I made some chocolate-covered strawberries.  I purchased the container of strawberries at the beginning of the week and we had been eating them all week, so there were only 6 left that got dipped in the chocolate.  They were Delicious!! These are so easy to make and so pretty, if I do say so myself!

These are so easy to make!!

A few weeks ago, my 10 year old niece, B, come over and made Valentine's Day cards with us.  We got the idea here.  We had a great time! 

It totally looks 3-D!

Her classmates were so impressed that several asked if they could have another one.  She had to set a limit of 1 per classmate! 

Al got in the action too!

Of course, Al needed a little bit of help.  You know, Al doesn't have any hands to hold onto the sucker...

Aren't they both so cute?!?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Patience is a Virtue ... Just Not One of Mine

Viki and her scarf

So my latest knitting project was a scarf for my friend Viki.  I was experimenting with a new pattern for me - although I have been knitting and crocheting for years now, I just joined Ravelry this month. It is a fantastic site.  I used the pattern for the Haruni scarf by Emily Ross.

I offered to make Viki a scarf after she admired my green scarf, and ordered the yarn and then waited patiently (not at all) for the yarn to come in.
While I was waiting, some things I did:

Took pictures of my window clings standing on buildings:

Did some homework:

 Decorated my small laptop:

 Did some more homework:

Looked up pictures of super cute foxes:

 Aren't they just adorable?

Anyway, the yarn got here eventually. And it was this gorgeous color:

So I started knitting:

In the background you can see the crazy colors blanket, affectionately dubbed "my hot blanket" (because of its warmth), which my mom made for me when I was three or four. I used to sleep with it covering my entire body - including my head. Now if I cover my head, I am uncovered from my knees to my toes - and no one would describe me as tall. And yet it still accompanied me to college. And I still love it!

The finished scarf before blocking
Since I am a good 900 miles away from home, I have some real high tech supplies:

I blocked the scarf on a Tinkerbell towel using sewing pins, of which I did not have enough, so I used a few safety pins, too. ... It's not red neck, it's inventive...

 And of course the final product on my beautiful friend Viki:

 I had a lot of fun with this scarf. And I think it turned out really well. I might make one in this pattern for myself - goodness knows, one can never have too many scarves!