Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our House Guest

We had a house guest this week.  He is so polite and well mannered and CUTE!  (The being cute part is what saves him and makes us keep him!)

My sister and her family went out of town for the long weekend and needed us to watch their dog, Scooby.

We love Scooby!  He is super well behaved and listens and obeys.  It's really incredible how well he behaves for us (we're not his masters, you know). 

He likes to sit at the front window and watch what is going on outside.  

He loves it when we play with him in the backyard.  

He tries to make himself comfy on my couch when we aren't looking.   We have blankets and pillows piled up on the furniture to discourage him from getting up there. 

He also tries to sleep on my bed.

He has to be right where I am at all times.  
Scooby, I'm trying to type here!!!
He has to go potty at 3 in the morning.  Again, good thing he's so cute! 

Due to a little car trouble on Friday, Scooby was locked inside the house alone for 11 hours.  He is such a good boy - he didn't have an accident!!  Yay, Scooby!! 
This is NOT my idea of a fun time!
My sister keeps telling us we need to get a dog.  We have decided that we are too old and out-of-shape to own a dog!  We take Scooby out in the backyard and play with him for about 10 minutes, then we have to come in and rest for about 20 minutes.  I don't think we are cut out to be dog owners! 

We do enjoy having Scooby come and visit for a few days at a time, although, as the saying goes, "Fish and house guests stink after 3 days"........  It's true!!  

On day 3, Scooby was playing in the backyard.  He decided to roll around in the grass and actually rolled in....  well.....  uummmm.....  How do I put this nicely?....   well,  he rolled in his own poop.  There, I said it.  It's not nice.  As a matter of fact, It's GROSS!!  And now he totally stinks!!

And, on top of that, I have now had to put up with my husband singing his own version of Adele's song "Rolling in the deep".  

His lyrics change each time, but usually ends with "rolling in the poo-oo-oop, Scoob, you now stin-ink!" That song is now ruined forever for me!  

Scooby has returned home to his family .....  

fortunately, the smell is gone......   

but, unfortunately, the singing continues...... 


Marissa said...

Bahahahaahahahahahaha I can imagine that song happening...

LG said...

He is really cute! That is why we keep him too. That, and the kids love him more than they love me. Now if they would just feed him....

Priscilla S said...

Bahaha! That was hilarious! Made my day :)