Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh! It looks even cooler that way!

Yay! Fox hat!

When Mom bought the canvases for the paintings in WHO is in the painting, she had an extra canvas. She wanted to paint a picture for my room on that extra canvas However, since I was home for spring break, she figured it would be easier to just make me paint it instead of painting it herself. :)

She helped me with the background. We started by picking the colors - purple and pink and light blue (I'm such a girl. :) ). We poured the paint onto the canvas and spread it around just having fun.

Then came the boring part: letting it dry. Of course, we wanted to use the kitchen table for other things while it was drying. What's the best place for a painting to dry? On Christmas coffee mugs on the stove, naturally! Where else would it dry?

After the paint dried we covered it in glitter varnish. (Ooo shiny!)
The glitter varnish is kinda hard to see.

Then I started to design the line drawing for the center of the canvas.
My sketch on lovely scrap paper

After I had a design that I liked, I drew it onto the canvas with Sharpie. Don't you just LOVE Sharpies? :)

The Sharpie worked really well and was much easier than painting the dress form.

We liked the result, but it still needed something a bit more. So we decided to put paper flowers in the corners.

Just plain purple flowers were boring. What's our solution? Pink and lilac paint!

We made an assembly line; Mom painted the lilac and then passed it to me so that I could paint the pink. At first, she was way too slow so I had to take care of my impatience.

But then we got into a rhythm and it worked like clock work. .... If clock work painted flowers. (There were many choruses of "painting the roses red").

After the flowers were finished it was time to break out our trusty friend, the hot glue gun.

I glued the flowers to the canvas.

Danced a bit.

Then glued some more.

And viola! A finished dress form painting! :)
I added the head to the dress form. :)

So I had the painting laying on the table when my aunt came to visit the day that I left to go back to school. Unfortunately, it was upside down to her. So she says, "Oh, it's kinda cool." Mom and I look at her and say, "Um, it's upside down." She turns it right side up and exclaims, "Oh! It's even cooler that way!"


LG said...

Ok now, it was cool upside down! But it is way cooler right side up! You did a great job!

Marissa S. said...

Sarah, please stop being so talented. K bye.