Monday, January 23, 2012

Sarah's Green Scarf

Stylish green scarf
My latest knitting creation, - my first creation for the new semester/new year - is this green knitted scarf.
I used the same pattern for this scarf as for the scarf I made Mom for Christmas (will be put up eventually, I'm sure). I have fallen in love with making scarves - lace scarves. Lace is just so fun to knit.

This scarf in particular was knit while watching many episodes of Farscape. I'm such a nerd. But this scarf will forever be associated with that amazing TV show.

Green Scarf on My Messy Desk
This picture lets you see the detail a little better, but I guess still not really. But be proud of me! This is my first lace knit project where the mistakes were not overwhelming! In fact, I couldn't find any mistakes when I looked back over it during blocking! That's something superly exciting.

And the day after blocking this of course it was around my neck all day. I felt so cool. :)
Now I don't have any new projects until this blog is up and running and I get the new yarn in for the scarf I am making for a friend. ... Really whichever comes first... I'm really hoping the yarn comes soon...


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Sarah- this IS beautiful! I love the color!! and, it looks fabulous on YOU!

Aunt Mandi