Sunday, January 29, 2012

Us?? Sophisticated?? ...You decide.

Several months ago I made a purchase that I thought would lend an up-scale air of sophistication to my home.  

You see, all the high-class (you can read that as wealth) homes, museums, galleries, etc. seem to have at least one....

Hhhhhmmmm...........  I've got you intrigued now, don't I?

Well,  I bought a bust (you know, a statue of a head).  "Just like rich folk!"  (that was a shout-out to my brother).   

After several days of the white head next to the high-class "lucky" bamboo (it seems all the wealthy folk have bamboo too), I decided that those high-class, sophisticated people must be incredibly boring.  


So, we decided the least we could do is give him a name.  

My husband thought he looks like the famous statue of David, so he suggested we call him Dave.  I overruled him and named him AL - short for albino (I apologize if that is offensive - we actually discussed this and determined it's not racist because albino is not a race...  but, I digress)

I call him Al.  When he calls me, he calls me Betty.  (Yes, Sarah, I DO think that is funny!)

So, because we are NOT up-scale, high-class people and we ain't got NO sophistication at all (to all the grammar gurus and English teachers out there, yes, I realize the problems with that statement -  just go with it) - Here is Al...

During the World Series - cheering for the World Champion St Louis Cardinals, of course!

incognito for Halloween.  (If that ain't sophisticated, I don't know what is!)

dressed for the countdown to Christmas. 

dressed for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. 

dressed in his fancy sweater vest (it's a vest because he doesn't need sleeves)

Another vest, but this one requires a shirt!

Looking dapper for Valentine's Day!  Al has been influenced by Sarah, he is now a Dr. Who fan - notice his bow tie.  

So, if you come to our house, you will be greeted by Al - he sits by the front door and that's his job.  

It has been suggested that Al create a facebook page.  I had to gently point out that Al can't type...   he has no hands. 


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Priscilla said...

Bahaha I love this!! Al is quite fancy :)

Katie S said...

Love it!

Marissa said...

I could not stop laughing as I read this post...I love Al!! Keep up the good work with his outfits :) I especially love the bow tie!