Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Normal pens are too boring.

I hate having boring pens. I can't write with them!

Instead I have awesome pens:

My lovely fountain pen from Germany

My sonic screwdriver pen for you Doctor Who fans out there

My Elder Wand pen

And, of course, the actual reason for my posting: Our feather pens.

We got the idea for these pens when we were on our weekly inspiration walk...through the Hobby Lobby's store

We saw this display at the end of an aisle filled with just feathers in many different colors. We then proceeded to spend a good 15 minutes trying to pick out the perfect feathers. We tried to find some colored floral tape to attach the feathers to the pens, but we had no luck.

So we got creative. We went down to our fabric shop in our basement, fought through the stacks and stacks of junk until we found the collection of satin ribbons. And, of course, we brought out our good friend the hot glue gun.

Using the same standard Bic pen pictured at the beginning of this post, we hot glued the feather along the pen and then began to wrap the pen and feather in the satin ribbon.
We made sure to stop wrapping at a place that would allow us to replace the inside of the pen when it ran out of ink.

And ta-da! Awesome feather quill pens!

We made these while I was home over Thanksgiving break. You know what I was using to do homework on the plane flight back to school. ;) And during finals time you could totally find me writing/editing essays and studying with purple feather pen in hand.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the purple one!

ABK said...

....why is the Pink Panther beneath HP?


Sarah said...

I have pictures of the pink panther hidden about my room. Seeing him always makes me smile

Katie S said...

That feather is as big as your head. I'd love to see you using one in school. lol