Monday, January 23, 2012

Mosaic Poster

This was a Christmas gift to a friend of mine.

      We found a pretty awesome poster that I thought she would like, and then we cut it into squares (I forget the exact size). Then we put each piece of the poster into baseball card protectors that you can get at Wal-Mart at the checkout. (Although, they are kinda hard to find - which we learned when we ran out of them and had to go to two different Wal-Marts trying desperately to find another pack.) Then, Mom got to open one of her Christmas presents early:
Grandma got Crop-A-Dile for Mom for Christmas. This thing is AWESOME! After opening it we spent a good half hour just punching random holes. Then we actually got back to the project at hand.
We punched a small hole in the middle of each side of each card protector. And then, using some copper wire that we had, we made our own jump rings and connected each piece of the puzzle together. 
The final touch was the giant flowers we put on the ends of the dowel rod holding it up.
The only problem we had was wrapping it. ... We chose not to. :)

When we began this project, we were like "Yeah! This is gonna be great! And super easy!" Yeah... Not so much. It was a complete family project. We had to enlist the help of Grandma and Dad to make the jump rings, connect the cards, and, of course, the ever needed moral support.

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Kelly said...

We saw this project around Christmas time 2009 on the TV show "She's Crafty". This show features Wendy Russell. We fell in love with her and the show, and were very disappointed when we stopped getting it. :-(